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Portraits of a region

CD - Passagen/Pasajes - New Mexico
CD - A
lpenglow - a portrait of Austria
CD - Traces of Asia - fascination of a continent

Traces of China - with guest artist Wu Wei - Sheng

Celebrities time passes by...(works by Giacinto Scelsi and Stockhausen)
Portrait Alfred Schnittke

Portrait Iannis Xenakis

New jewels - the young scene

strictly British?

Passagen/Pasajes - New Mexico (2010 released on CD)

Alejandro Castaños (*1978) Intersecciones (2009)
Georgina Derbez (*1968) Non piu infelice (2009)
Aleyda Moreno (*1982) Night Music (2009)
Arturo Fuentes (*1975) Lawine (2008)
Gabriela Ortiz (*1964) Trifolium (2005)
Juan José Bárcenas (*1982) Un rencor vivo (2008)
Javier Alvarez (*1956) Serpiente y Escalera (1995)

6 musicians: violin/viola/e-violin, violoncello, saxophon, percussion, piano,lLive-electronics
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" time passes by..."

Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) "pianostück Nr9"
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Nasenflügeltanz" 1983
Giacinto Scelsi from"Canti di Capricorni" (1962/72)
Giacinto Scelsi "Manto" (1957)
Ricardo Giraldo "Copped Dialogue 3"

7 musicians: soprano, violin/viola, piano, alto saxophone, 2 percussione, electronics

traces of china

Sascha Demand (D) "coup d’ailes" (2008)
Fang Man "neues werk"
Guoping Jia "Windsounds on the sky"
Huang Ruo „Mo“ (2009/10)

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4 musicians:violin, violoncello, percussion,
with gues artist: Wu Wei - Sheng


Portrait Alfred Schnittke
variationen for piano
Serenade for violin, clarinet, double bass, piano and percussion
Hymnus I for violoncello, harp and timpani
pianoquartet after the Mahler fragment

8 musicians: violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, clarinet, piano, percussion, harp

7.8.08 Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival

Traces of Asia

Alireza Mashayeki (*1943 Iran), "Meta-X" (2003)*
Jamilia Jazylbekova (*1971 Kasachstan) "sfiorarsi" (2004/5)*
Leilei Tian (*1971, China) "ensemble Intégrales" (2005)*
Suren Soronzonbold (*1961 Mongolei) "I,II" (2004/05)*
Misato Mochizuki (*1969, Japan) "Intermezzi" (1998)

7 musicians: violin/viola, flute, saxophone, piano, percussion, double bass, electronics

Porträt Iannis Xenakis

Ikhoor (Streichtrio)
Dikhtas (Violine und Klavier)
Mists (Klavier solo)
Hunem Iduhey (Violine und Violoncello)
Mikka (Violine solo)
Kottos (Violoncello solo)

4 MusikerInnen: Violine, Viola, Violoncello, Klavier


Bernhard Gander "The king's message" 2007*
Wolfgang Suppan "weiten und male" 2007*
Wolfram Schurig "A.R.C.H.E."
Christoph Dienz "Amplifly" 2007*
Karlheinz Essl "more or less" 199-2003

7 musicians: tenor, violin, saxophone, percussion, double bass, piano, electronics


Claudio Baroni (Arg) new work(2010)
Nick Fells (U.K.) Other Islands (2009)
Denovaire (A) Another approach to bliss (2007)
Henry Vega (USA) Music in still parts(2009)
Marko Cicilaini (CR) screeming my simian lines(2010)

7 musicians: violin, violoncello, saxophone, clarinet, percussion, piano, electronics


strictly British?

Yannis Kyriakides (UK) "chaoids" (2000)*
John Croft (UK/NZ) Im schwarzen Glanz
James Dillon (UK) "Redemption?" (1995)
Jennifer Walshe (IR) "A sensitive thing for the laydeez" 2003*
Donnacha Dennehy (IR) "Glamour Sleeper II" (2002)*

Christopher Fox (U.K.) at the edge (2006)

6 musicians: violin/viola, saxophone, percussion, clarinet, piano, electronics