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Since the turn of the century the term “contemporary music” has gained a new meaning. The 20th century is over, a new era has started.This feeling you could get at ensemble Intégrales’ concert in Eindhoven the Dutch press over ensemble Intégrales
For more then 12 years ensemble Intégrales' outstanding interpretation and experimental curiosity has thrilled the fans of contemporary music. Since their foundation they have built an international reputation for their performance of new chamber music.

ensemble Intégrales plays all over Europe, the US and in Asia and was invited to renowned festivals like the Berliner Festwochen, Gaudeamus Festival, Bregenzer Festspiele, Wien Modern, Bludenzer Tage für zeitgemässe Musik, Fadjr -Festival (Iran), Bodenseefestival, Schleswig Holstein Festival and many others.
ensemble Intégrales at Bregenzer Festspiele
ensemble Intégrales at Bregenzer Festspiele

Apart from its concert activities, ensemble Intégrales also gives workshops for instrumentalists, composers and students of public schools. In rehearsals open to the public they give interested people an inside view on their work.
ensemble Intégrales works interdisciplinary in the fields of 'performance', 'live-electroni', 'music theatre' and 'film music'. The enormous scope of its repertoire is documentated in various radio, CD and TV recordings.

Characteristic of their programs not only of their own concert series Hamburg (starting is the special emphasis they are putting on the dramaturgic profile and concept. The concerts reflect the variety, playfulness and very own beauty of contemporary music. The relaxed undogmatic attitude, enormous stylistic variety, virtuosic style and last but not least their joy while performing communicates immediatelyto the audience.

ensemble Intégrales is in an ongoing creative relationship with emerging and well known composers whom they often inspired to write various new works. They specially place importance on the collaboration with the young generation. The close work together bears fruit as the Irish Times wrote on occasion of a concert of ensemble Intégrales in Belfast in March 2003, in which only music was performed which was written especially for the ensemble:
'With commitment and zest...The vitality of both playing and writing augurs well for the future of contemporary music.'


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