ensemble Intégrales
concert agenda


works with * were written for ensemble Intégrales

Tohru Aki (*1956) Japan
"Rela" (s-sax, mar) 1988

Robert Aldridge (*1954) USA
"Combo Platter" (vln, a-sax, mar)1983
"Threedance" (vln, mar, tabla) 1987

Louis Andriessen (*1939) The Netherlands
"Hout" (t-sax, mar, guit, pno) 1990
"worker's union" (free setting) 1975

Georges Aperghis (*1945) France
"Requiem furtif" (vln, claves)
"volte-face" (vla solo) 1999-2001

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn (*1927) USA
"Liquid Gold" (a-sax, pno) 1984

Clarence Barlow (*1940) India/ Germany
"Until 3" (vln, tambura, tabla) 1995/2002*

Luciano Berio (*1925) Italy
"Sequenza VIIb" (s-sax solo) 1993
"Sequenza IXb" (a-sax solo) 1980
"Sequenza VIII" (vln solo) 1975
"Sequenza III" (voice solo) 1965/66
"Sequenza IV" (pno solo) 1965/66

Christophe Bertrand France
"Aus" (vln, clar, sax, pno) 2003*
(available on CD-European Young Generation)

MArko Ciciliani
Marko Ciciliani

Guy de Bièvre Belgium
“Three Pack”* 2007
(vn, vcl, sax, electr)
WP: 25.1.08, Hamburg, The link to today's music

Wojtek Blecharcz (*1981) Poland
"Ivory Gate"* (2008)
tenorsax, Va, vcl, pno, perc
WP: 25.9.08, Hamburg, The link to today's music

Maria Boulgakova Russia
"Aus der Stille" (fl, perc) 2003*

Matthew Burtner USA
(dis)sensus (vn, sax, pno, perc, electr) 2008*

George Brecht (* 1924) USA
"Piano Piece" 1962
"Drip Music" 1962 (free setting)

John Cage (1912-1992) USA
"Music for Four" ( vln, sax, perc, pno) 1984-87
"Five" (contralto, vln, sax, perc, pno) 1988
"Five songs for contralto" (contralto, pno) 1938
"Nowth upon Nacht" (contralto, pno) 1984
"The wonderful widow of eighteen springs" 1942 (contralto, pno)
parts of "Freeman Etudes" (vln solo) 1977-1980
"Living room music" (percussion and speech quartet) 1940
"Radio music" (1-8 performers, each at one radio) 1956
"Solo with obligato accompaniment of two voices in canon and six short inventions on the subject of the solo" (any three instruments) 1933
"Sonata for two voices" (any two instruments) 1933
"Ryoanji" (sax, perc) 1983-85

Cornelius Cardew USA
from: "Treatise" (2004 arranged by ensemble Intégrales, perc, sax, pno, vln, fl, 5 gettoblusters) 1963-67

Alvaro Carlevaro (*1960) Uruguay/ Germany
"Rondó" (vln, a-sax, pno, mar) 1993*

Marko Ciciliani

Marko Ciciliani (*1970) Croatia/ Netherlands
"Alias" (vn solo, electronic, light, laser) 2007*
WP: St. Petersburg/Russland
"Solo II" (vln solo) 1994
"Feliques" (pno, vib) 1998
"Gartenmusik" (vln/vla, a-/t-sax, perc, CD and tape recorder) 1999*
"Voor het hooren geboren" (sop, vla, perc, synth, CD) 2000
"Matrosen, Leprakranke, Opiumraucher, Spione. Mit so 'ner Familiengeschichte, wie haben wir da was anderes werden können als Schlampen?" (vla solo) 2001*
"KörperKlang" (sax, vla, pno, live-electronics) 2003*
"Signboard-Billboard" (sax, 3 bass drums, alarm-whistles and hand drums) 2004* (available on CD- Voor het hooren gebooren)
"Travelogues" (various settings, CD) 2001